Barnes & Barnes

Art & Artie Barnes are the ‘Lumanian’ alter egos of actor & musician Bill Mumy (of the TV sci-fi classic “Lost In Space”) and childhood friend & fellow musician, the elusive and reclusive, Robert Haimer. The demented duo achieved nationwide acclaim on alternative rock & comedy radio programming alike in the late 70s into the 1980s, garnering consistent airplay on MTV with their bizarre stylings. Their cult-classic novelty hit “Fish Heads” (from their debut album “Voobaha”) has the honor of being the #1 most-requested song of all time on the world famous “Dr. Demento Show”. The infamous “Fish Heads” music-video directed by and starring actor Bill Paxton (“Aliens”, “Weird Science”), aired repeatedly on Saturday Night Live and was ranked by Rolling Stone at #57 in the top 100 music videos of all-time. The iconic song itself has been referenced in a myriad of film and TV shows over the years, including the Emmy award winning animated series The Simpsons. The corresponding music video for “Party in My Pants” (also from the “Voobaha” album) stars a young, yet-to-be discovered Teri Hatcher (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, “Desperate Housewives”) and model/Playboy Playmate Ann Pennington—as Barnes & Barnes’ would-be dates!

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